Hokay guys heres the deal. I'm in some group in school where they gather like minded musicians, put us in bands and allow us to have gigs and stuff, really neat shit. And right now it has come to the time of year where they allow us to give a wishlist of items and what they might buy.

So right now, we have 3 amps - A JSX head into a 5150 cab, a Peavey Transtube 212 and a spoilt Peavey XXX 2x12 combo.

What I need is suggestions from you guys on what amps we should get as I feel that having 3 Peaveys is a bit restrictive on tone. I was thinking of getting an amp that has an American voicing like Fender or such as it would greatly increase our potential tonal range.

Also, no boutiques or the like cause we have the other instruments to include in the budget and I heard that this year they are giving priority to drums as other groups keep borrowing our drum set and we intend to get another one for them to use.

Besides amps, anything else we should get? They aren't getting us any effects cause of past cases of theft.

Thanks in advance!
what does spoilt mean?


what genres of music?
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what does spoilt mean?


what genres of music?

+1. We need some more information.

Also, you mentioned Fender - are you looking specifically for an amp that does good cleans, or do you want a good all-around amp?
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If there's ever been a good place for a good modeling amp, this would be it. I'm guessing you'll need a large variety of sounds for something like that, and that's exactly what the modeling amps do. Or are at least supposed to. Unfortunately I don't really have any experience with them, so I can't make any specific suggestions.
Sounds like a Vetta solution.
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The XXX and JSX sound similar not because they're both Peavey, but because the JSX is based on the XXX.

How high is your budget? I assume the amps are intended to play everything from jazz to metal.

I say get a used Line 6 Vetta II or a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60.
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Diamond Amps all the way.
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Quote by gregs1020
what does spoilt mean?


what genres of music?

Genres well theres a wide range. I myself play blues rock/hard rock while I have mates who play metal so yeah.

Budget is a slight issue here. It is $10000 SGD but spread over what the drum section, bass and ourselves need. I don't really care so just suggest the amps and the committee and myself will try to figure it out.

And spoilt means we tried to turn it on but failed.

And for the Fender, good all round amp would be nice.