I currently have a Peavy Destiny 24 fret neck through body with a Rosewood Fret Board. I replaced the pickups a while back. I don't remember their model but i have a single size Seymour Duncan double humbucker in the front and middle and a double size Dimarzio double humbucker in the back. Its wired such that you can have any combination of pickups but the sound can be unbalanced partially because the bridge pickup is really bright but is the best one for my pinch harmonics, and the sustain isn't what it should be. I'm looking at the Ibanez Jem specifically and a few others. Satch and Steve Vai are my favorite artists. I want a floating trem double locking or not is fine. I'm looking for quality, clarity, sustain, and super easy, crystal clear Harmonics and ease of playing. One the Jem series am i looking for one with the tree of life on the frets i'm unsure what color combos they come in. Black or mat Black would be nice. If someone could just point out some models that will meet those adjectives I'd appreciate it. The only thing i have against the JS models like the old radius that Satch plays is the lack of 24 frets and the way the neck bolts in the back in addition to only front and back pickups. Sorry its such a long post :P .Alright hit me up and ty.
id say the jem or a prestige s series
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