I'm wanting to buy a new lead pickup for my guitar. I have a little cheap yamaha strat knock off that I've customized with other pickups but now that I have a little more money I want to get something better. I want to get a tone similator to The Devil Wears Prada. I will probably have about 125 bucks by the end of the week (maybe a little more, maybe a little less). Does anyone have some suggestions at which pick ups I should look into first in that price range?
Obtaining an amp that has preamp tubes and power tubes should be your primary main objective/goal/you need one/stop reading this and go buy one if you have the money.
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I don't have money right now for a new amp. I have what I have and it is what it is. I realize it's a shit amp but I want to make my guitar better in hopes that I'll have a better amp someday.
Ignoring my amp could anyone just tell me some pickups they would recommend in that price range?
GFS power or crunchy rails. sick single coil for hard rock and metal.