Right need to get a new distortion pedal to beef up my crappy laney LX120 head, on which the 'crunch' isn't enouhg

I'm on a tioght budget so I only have about £40, £50 at a stretch. I've seen teh Danelectro Black Paisley liquid metal pedal and it looks pretty nice and read some good reviews too. But are there any other pedals out there for teh same pricewith have a nice range in tone and gain etc... I play stuff like For The FDallen Dreams, Recon, basically metal and hardcore.

Cheers James
EHX Metal Muff? They're pretty darn good for under $90 (US) The big one has a full 3 band EQ, so it came to mind when you said tonal range. Also, the gain section can go from death metal down to a crunch.

Metal Muff w/ top boost: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ElectroHarmonix-Metal-Muff-with-Top-Boost?sku=153339

Micro Muff: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ElectroHarmonix-Micro-Metal-Muff-Distortion-Pedal?sku=150128

Nano Muff: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ElectroHarmonix-Nano-Pocket-Metal-Muff-Distortion-?sku=150099


PS: i cant give an opinion on the Dan you were looking at, never heard of it before :P
Have a look at either the Made By Mike Salt Storm - http://madebymike.co.uk/saltstorm.shtml - £50

or the Made By Mike Salt Breaker which is £70

They are handwired in england
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The made by mike looks nice but I'd rather have a cleanre metallica style sound thatn a dirty sound. and I have looked at teh Boss range but they all seem a bit too expensive for me.