In about 2 months she will be recieving £1000, and is deciding what to spend it on. By that time, she will have been playing for about 4 months. Currently she has a no-name Strat copy worth about £40, and my old Marshall MG-10. She likes Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup and other pop-punk bands. If she decides to buy a guitar, she would like to buy a really nice guitar when she gets the money. I have suggested to her a Squier Strat and a Yamaha Pacifica because I think they would be suitable for her skill level, and if she were to stop playing she wouldn't have wasted her money. She would like to buy a Gibson Les Paul, which I have told her I think is a ridiculous idea buying a guitar worth that much with only 4 months experience. Are there any guitars you guys would recommend she try out? Should she spend her money on something totally unrelated to guitar?

Thanks for any help
Ibanez RG350DX trust me she'll love it Excellent guitar,quite cheap (~300),excellent for about everything
vintage advance les paul, they're only about £400 and a new amp such as a blackstar ht-5 which is about £350, and then she can spend the rest on accessories
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Ibanez RG350DX trust me she'll love it Excellent guitar,quite cheap (~300),excellent for about everything

this, and a pretty decent amp.
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Have her try a DBZ. They have some amazing imports for the price.

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an MIM strat and a Valveking with a tubescreamer
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sounds like she might want a hardtail, since i know fallout boy is in drop D, and blink's tuning is all over the place (depending on the album) so she'll probably be changing tunings every now and then. the RG350 might be out because of that. i'd recommend a used HSS strat. a gibson les paul is a great guitar to build up to, but like you said if she decided in 6 months to stop playing then she's out a good amount of money. the most you could sell a les paul studio for would be maybe $700, most likely less.

and i would try to get her to go amp over guitar. a good amp and a used strat would go a long way. unless she already has a good amp. anyway, then she would save a good bit of money for her next guitar upgrade or whatever
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For a guitar, a Fender MIM fat strat sounds like it would be perfect, not over the top expensive, versatile and butt loads of aftermarket upgrades available for the future.
if she wants a paul, get an agile. simple.
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Have her try a DBZ. They have some amazing imports for the price.



DBZ for POP-Punk? ... i dont think so...

id say get your GF to play your dick, or as she wants it more, a (Epi) Les Paul
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You can buy whatever guitar you want, you don't have to be at a certain skill level to buy one. This is real life, not some guitar-playing RPG where you have to unlock new guitars.
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Have her buy a guitar that you like, that way if she quits/cheats on you/dumps you/you dump her then you can steal the nice guitar.

or, a strat and a nice amp.
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^^^ An LP might have the neck to think for a girl. I would suggest a strat-like guitar

if i remeber rightly the epiphone les paul ultra was targeted at girls
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if i remeber rightly the epiphone les paul ultra was targeted at girls

No it wasn't. It was endorsed by Nancy Wilson, but not targeted at girls. I have the Ultra and it is FAR from just a chick guitar. I love me my LP Ultra.
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Yeah, any non-floating trem guitar would do..
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I got a les paul studio after playing for around 4 months. Many would argue that it's unnecessary, but certainly having a nice guitar is considerable encouragement for staying with it. If she has the money and wants to, I'd say go for it.
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A Fender Jaguar would be a cool guitar. I hear the contours are very comfortable for girls. That'd be worth looking into.

As for it being worth it..after 7 months I bought my Ibanez PGM301, so go for it. You only live once, so why waste time on shitty gear?
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Please, for the love of god, don't let her buy a Gibson LP.
That would be a huge waste of money (and a good LP) if she quit playing.
You should only buy something in that price range after you've been playing a while so you know what you want to get.
Oh this is getting repetitive so sorry before I start. Get her to buy a Tim Ellis Les Paul. They are lighter and have slicker necks than Gibsons but are a serious rival in quality. Tim has just made some 'Debbie' ones with good pickups, maple necks and quality electrics that he's selling for £475.
The HT-5 amp is perfect for her, too so that will be a very desirable setup.
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vintage advance les paul, they're only about £400 and a new amp such as a blackstar ht-5 which is about £350, and then she can spend the rest on accessories
Actually the Vintage Advance LPs go for about £220, £400 is just their RRP.

Anyway, the best thing when you have a lot of money to spend on a guitar but you don't know what it is you want is to go to a few stores and try as many different guitars as possible and buy whichever guitar it is that you fall for, even if it may not be theoretically the best value or whatever. There is nothing worse than buying a guitar you don't really like just because you've read on the internet that it's the best value or it's smart to get it as a starter guitar or whatever. All that happens is you resent the guitar so you don't put full effort into playing. Eff that.

If your missus wants a Gibson, if she plays one and she likes it then there wouldn't be any sense in her getting a Yamaha or an Epiphone or whatever instead. That said, if she's willing to blow £1000 on gear, I think it's a little silly if she starts off on your old tiny Marshall MG. If anything can put someone off learning guitar, that can.

My advice would be for her to set aside a couple of hundred for a decent-ish mid-gain valve amplifier. Or at the least, one of the better modelling amps. Something like a Fender Super Champ XD should be the baseline minimum amp she gets, it's just about the best modelling amp around and will cover pretty much any tone she wants, has a few alright built in effects and the first channel is still 100% valve clean tone so there's a good base to build upon. If she ended up being happy with a cheaper guitar than a Marshall DSL401 would be a good choice to splash out on, or there's things like the Epi Blues Custom or extensive range of Blackheart amps to fill the middle ground; of course there are old staples like the Orange Tiny Terror and Fender Champ 600 to consider too.

With say, £250-£300 going on the amp, that still leaves her with a solid £700 or so to buy a nice guitar with. Going by the sorts of things you say she likes and the fact she's alreayd said she'd like a Gibson Les Paul, a few options spring to mind. There are the aforementioned Vintage Advance LP copies, which are great value and the best LP copies around but are admittedly a touch boring. There are the slightly more interesting Epiphones like the Ultra and Ultra-II. Gibson Melody Makers are very cheap and pretty classic pop-punk-rock guitars; Gibson Les Paul Juniors are pretty much 'the' pop-punk guitar now thanks to Billie Joe of Green Day using them and they come in at around £600. Both the Melody Maker and LP Junior only have one pickup though so they are a little limited. She could probably get a Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded for under £700 or a second hand regular Studio for about the same. ESP (or ESP-LTD) do a large variety of Les Paul copies (which they call 'EC' guitars) with slimmer necks and high-output pickups - the EC-401VF comes with Seymour Duncan pickups and costs around the £700 mark. A second hand Gibson Les Paul Goddess goes for about £700 and are very, very nice guitars; the same quality as the Standard models but lighter and slimmer for more comfort.

Mostly though, I can't really stress how important it is that she goes to a few stores and plays every guitar available for herself. Only then will she know what guitar is right for her.

Edit: Actually, Lurcher has reminded me of a good idea that everyone should abuse; go to stores and play lots of guitars, as I've stressed, but once you've found out what it is you like or dislike, write all the relevant statistics down and take your list of desires to either a good, qualified and very experienced luthier or to a good custom service like Carvin or T C Ellis. They'll most likely be able to make either a copy of the guitar you liked at a much lower cost or they'll be able to make you something similar but even better for the same sort of cost. Going to these sorts of companies is a really smart way of getting every feature you want for two thirds, half, sometimes even a third of the price that the original brand sells the guitar for. of course, not everyone is happy settling for these things; some people just have to have the Gibson or Fender logos on their guitars before they're happy. There's no shame in that, if that turns out to be the case then go with the one you like in the store, but it's worth keeping these custom companies in mind and if you don't mind using them, taking down notes form the guitars you try out to make sure your custom build is as close to what you want as possible.
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tell her to buy a better amp. a new guitar will still sound an mg10, thru an mg10.

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Vintage guitars are win.

Vintage LP or SG are both awesome + Blackstar HT-5. Would be win.
Be wary of Epi, I've not liked any of their recent models.
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