So I bought a used/new condition Boss DS-1 distortion pedal from Guitar Center for the whopping total of $15. I bought it with they intention of modding it and in stock trim it isn't doing much for me. It came with a brand new $4 Duracell 9v so I thought it was a pretty good deal and a great candidate for a fun experiment. There are lots of mods for that pedal out there and I wanted to know which ones UG has tried.

Pedals I already have a Russian Big Muff, a Metal Muff, a Fender Blender and an MXR Distortion + so I don't want to clone any of those.

Amps I play are VHT Pittbull UL, Peavey XXX, a Marshall JMP-1 pre and an old Peavey Mace.

I usually play plugged straight into the amp without a pedal but I am a real gain slut and I have the gain cranked. I like the sound of my amps so I'm not looking to transform anything for $15, just a "little more" or slightly different take on them.

If you have a link to your recommendation that would be great.

Thanks UGers,
I recommend the Keeley mods for the pedal, you can google around and find schematics for them. And on Keeley's website they have sound clips if you want to get an idea of the tone you can get
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Thanks NnjRik. Keeley mod seems to be a popular choice. I was surprised to see a modder who sells pedals giving away his design.