Hey Guys after GisleAune has been asking for some time now, I was not really sure if this community did actually want us to come back and start posting again. Our same situation still applies, we don't want to cause problems or be disrupting at all, if our normal operations cause that then we'll stop. Our "no harm" policy has worked very well for us and as such we have avoided many troubles as a result of it.

But Gisle is right in saying that we were not really being fair to everyone here as a result of one poster calling us spammers and reporting us.

So, out of respect for the UG community, I bring the question directly to you all...

Do you want us to directly interact here at UG? That means we will be here to support the software, answer questions, etc. This is all still available at ABG but maybe more convenient for you having it at your home Forum..You'll instantly get the new releases as they come out right here..

If your answer is yes, then where should we post? Like what would be the least disruptive area for us to post in?..

Also I know I'm posting in the pit, so I expect a bit of a shit kicking... Just cause I have not been around for a while does not mean I'm not also a UG'er...

One question.

What is ABG?

/commence shitstorm
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also: you are from Hamilton awesome, I was there just last Saturday.
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*reported* as to get a mod to look here.
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One question.

What is ABG?

/commence shitstorm

I'm guessing it's Acme Bar Gig his sig

Do you want us to directly interact here at UG?
I'm beginning to understand why people called you a spammer. this does sound like some sort of advertising. but i don't fully understand your operations, so i may be wrong.
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