Yep, they're hollow. Or filled with candy and stuff. Groovy Pinata!

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You caneasily make one with any decent sized spherical object, some tough glue and a bunch of small mirror tiles.
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They are typically. There is no economic value in making a disco ball out of solid aggregate.
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wow your shallow all you care about is whether its solid or hollow.
Haven't you heard the old saying a blall is a ball no matter what's inside?
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I'm just worried, cos im buying it off of the net. If its mirrors stuck on a styrofoam sphere or something, im screwed. But if the majority are hollow, then ima take the risk
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My disco balls are most emphatically not hollow.


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It's actually illegal and punishable by death to make a hollow disco ball, seriously. However it is also illegal and punishable by a bit more death to check if a disco ball is hollow, bit of a dodgy law I know.
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No. There's a fox in them to make them spin.
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It's a sphere of styrofoam covered in mirrors. Why do you specifically need a hollow one?

You could make a hollow papier-maché one. Just make sure to use plenty of layers of newspaper.
Make a roughly spherical frame out of loops of wire and paste newspaper all over it.
I plan to wear it like a helmet. I'd cut a big D-on-its-back shape for a mouth, and stick 2 eyes on the top. Then cover the mouth hole in mesh so i can see.
Then 80s clothes.
either you have a very small head, or you're gonna need one big ass disco ball
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I call that big...
You who build these altars now

To sacrifice these children
You must not do it anymore