I've only been playing for a year and don't know any of the technical jargon that is used. What is the difference between the two? Does the + mean anything cause some sites say + and others don't. Thanks for the help
212 will sound 'fuller' and have better bass response. It will also have one more speaker
so would a 112 be better for me since its half the price? I'm not the best and live in a dorm. I'm not gigging or anything but I just wanted to get a nice amp so that I won't have to keep buying them as I get better.
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I actually run a 212 in my dorm room, but do have to deal with noise complaints from time to time.

A 112 sounds like it would be fine for you..cheaper, more suitable, and it can still get very loud

theres more difference than that.

The 212 is a 6505 which is a DIFFERENT amp than the 6505+

The 112 has an extra eq and an extra tube for better cleans. it's the more versatile of the two as well.

The 6505 (the 212) will be more aggressive and ballsy though...and it will sound fuller.

The 112 will be the better amp for you more than likely, but try them both out if you can and see which one is more suitable for your needs.
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The + is a new model that features separate EQ controls for each channel, and one more pre amp tube for extra headroom.

Yes, thats it. You basically get shared EQ on the regular 6505, but because of the 2x12 it'd sound better, from my perspective.
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If you want the 6505+ 112 to sound fuller you can always add a cab fyi.

The + is separate EQ, so as much as people moan about the 6505 cleans you can get something decent and still maintain the awesome distortion (just listen to In Flames).