Alright, I tried the searchbar and found a few tips, but I thought it would be easier to just create my own thread, it's not like it's going to clog up the system, is it?

I'm looking for a twelve-string guitar, I play a lot of different genres, but I'm looking for something with a real deep, rich sound with lots of bass, something that resonates really well. I like playing a lot of acoustic stoner-rock/metal (think acoustic Kyuss or A Perfect Circle).

I was thinking maybe a jumbo-style or Grand Auditorium would do the trick, but I'd appreciate some advice concerning brands, etc.

My budget is around $1000.

Thanks alot!
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Washburn do a nice jumbo for under $1000, and I've played a great Hofner for below this price too, but it wasn't a jumbo.

I'd advise against a Takamine because I've had so many problems with mine. I haven't seen it for a month - it's been going around guitar shops and the Takamine factory looking for someone to fix it...