for my seven string guitar? I'm thinking the first six strings will be 11-56, and the 7th a .72 (I'm planning on tuning to drop G#)
These are the thickest strings I can find.
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These are the thickest strings I can find.

And you don't want flat wound strings for metal.
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One Zakk Wylde's old GHS boomer sets came 11-70, maybe get a hold of a pack of those
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Buy a 6 string 11-56 set and a D'addario 72 gauge single, they definately do them as thats what i use on my 7 at B

Edit - I dont recommend using Bass strings of the same gauge, to my ears at least they just sound really dead and dull. D'addario do up to a 80 gauge
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Local shops sometimes sell single strings- at least mine does
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