Hey UG ^_^

This is a trance song i guess. Don't worry though, it's not boring. :P

I spent all day writing this so tell me what you think!

By the way, tell me how the transition to the interlude sounds (Bar 63)
That ws my main problem with the song

Crit for crit and such, Happy listening.

This was written without RSE, so it may sound funky if you have RSE on.
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hey man , thats pretty good !

im impressed that you wrote this in one day, it takes me ages to write just 1 song :p , than again its a lot of the same , but all parts are good and fit well together so it doesnt really matter

all in all a job well done


could you crit any of my songs ? there in my sig
Nice melodies! It's fun that you make trance with gp xD!
I'm impressed, 8½/10.
haha i love it! it's awesome! the first riff is really cool and the chorus is so like singalong epic.
be proud, this is a wicked song!
(apparently i love exclamation marks... i'm not usually like this but your song got me all excited haha)
The intro and first bit were cool.

I liked the chorus part because of it's chord progression.

Breakdown was real nice. I liked that the best so far.

All in all. 8.5/10. I liked it.
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Thanks for the kind words lol.

It kinda sucks having to write on guitar pro.
My computer can't handle Fruity Loops

At least they turn out ok right? lol.
I'm just starting to listen to it, but I already like it a lot.

Into the "Chorusy lookin' thing" and it's sounding really nice.

Verse again. I really like the theme of the verse in the lead synth, it works well and sounds really good.

Nice piano interlude.

Final chorus.

Okay, I really liked it, but I found it just a bit repetitive. Maybe switch it up a bit in the verses and the choruses, unless that's what you're going for. I'm someone who never uses the same riff twice in a song. Hahaha.

This makes me wish I knew how to write industrial music in Guitar Pro, because I've been wanting to do that for a long time, but I don't really know how.

Anyway, 9/10.
I absolutely hated the very first measure lol 1/32, I mean what the heck guy! lol. That's like minus like 9 points... 1/10 JK

lol Here it goes for real.

Dude the first few measures remind me how a few of my older Electronica (unreleased) sounded like, somehow you know them, I love how you painfully panned EACH and EVERY note difficultly. The chorus is so Journey-esque lol that's all I could think about when it was playing it was amazing. And then it goes to the verse again, and then the chorus again, and then the bridge, the piano just MAKES the song, not even joking, then when it goes into the Final chorus the variations you used were amazing, the drums right before the full band comes back in are amazing. The outro was good to keep going with the chorus and exit.

Overall nice song man, the only issue I had was a transition to the first chorus. Sorry 9.8/10 lol.
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dude I LOVED the anthem you had at the beginning. it sounded really ****ing epic espeically with the legato slides and accents you used, though I wasn't impressed with where you took the song. I was expecting something....idk....more for the chorus. I know that you have limited sounds with guitarpro, though...maybe if you were to use some superstrings during the chorus it would help it out. I did like the chords, which were happy and upbeat, but the song seemed to be a bit too simple. As with many trance songs, the use of bleeps and bloops and other random sound effects can fix that problem though.

7.5/10 just for the epic win that was the 'pre-verse?'

Take a look at this song if you can, its a mix of trance and metal that my band has been working on, and you seem like the perfect person to crit such a song

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1243743
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That was really amazing, best parts were probably the intro and the solo, the chorus was catchy but I didn't really like it for some reason, but it fits well..
Breakdown was nicely done too..
Overall it was awesome but guitar pro didn't do it justice, not really your fault though.
Ack, been kinda neglecting this thread

It really does mean alot to me that you guys enjoy this song so much.

I'm working on a few other trance/techno songs, so PREPARE YOURSELVES lol.

As for fixing this song, it seems the chorus was the main problem.
-Is it the structure that needs fixing, or just the actual melody itself?

Also i'd like to know if you guys think the bass is too loud towards the beginnning.

...I'll get to flounders song now.

Sorry for the wait '
AYE! if you LOVE

Overall this is great! I'm definately liking this and I'm not even really the biggest fan of electronic music...I could definately learn to like more stuff like this though >_>

So anyway...goddamn that piano part is awesome and like it was mentioned, makes the song! It's just very powerful.

Overall I like the chorus but think it could afford something to improve it.

The pre-verse? melody is freaking great though...and what you add when it changes to the verse is very fitting.

Verse 2 has another fitting change with the lead dub.

And damn I definately would encourage more be made! This is some cool stuff!

I'd appreciate a C4C on my thing when you can
I loved that and usually dont like techno 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999523815732891752389017623896738219783920175329815789237152839017283951768102635891237589712985638916030895761082931658932751829357893175302981578932572381975389217538291753892107532890175328901632915732891753821`7528416732891570318967389173289167238915732817686978952317608947683920573289176438905732891753289015729816743918057321896749853275283/10