I'm buying 2 boss pedals from someone I know for £15 each and thought that was pretty good.

I'm getting the Boss Ce-5 and the Bf-2.

I also had a choice of getting the ds-1 and the metal distortion for the same price's.

What are these pedals like?

I didn't want to go for the distortion one's as

1) My distortion on my Laney AOR sounds better in my opinion
2) I want to get a better sounding one eventually

Anyone also got any good distortion suggestions? Such as the mi audio crunch box?

And yeah, what are boss pedals like?

Thank you
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BOSS pedals are pretty good, not great, but for £15 you can't go wrong.
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personally love any of the boss stompboxes ive used.. steal on those prices to..
theyve always been reliable for me and the options they give you with each pedals settings are ste up nice.. theyre arent a zillon knobs so you arent lost but you still have a good amount of control with how you want it to sound.
Ahhhh cool stuff people. Cheers.

In terms of the distortion pedal...I play all sorts like, yngwie malmsteen, vai, creedence cleerwater revival, guns n roses, red hot chilli peppers, motley crue, skid row etc...

And im trying to find something up to around £70 ideally but dont mind stretching

The CE-5 and BF-2 are good buys for £15. As for the distortion, perhaps it would be better to get an overdrive or boost for your amp, seeing as how you already like the amps tone.
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It's just my opinion, but TS9s sound rank with British style amps. But they get recommended all the time, so ymmv.

I would look into something like an OCD, Jetter Gain Stage Purple, Rothwell Helbender, etc. etc. any of those Marshall ina box type pedals.
I also have the TS9. I don't really use it to it's full potential at the moment, as I just use it as a boost to fatten up my lead channel; which it does very well, I might add. So if you want to fatten up your Laney's distortion, it might be a good option.

I'm getting (building, actually) a clean boost to replace it in that role so that I can free it up and use it on my board more effectively.
Thats good man.

Although, my laney is pretty beefy at the moment Apart from when I run my crybaby through it. It sounds way more trebly when I use my wah.

Is that normal? Are dunlop crybaby's tone suckers?
Generally, the Boss pedals that aren't 'distortion' or 'metal' are pretty good, and that's a pretty good price you got, I'd go for it.

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