I've been wanting a MXR 10 band EQ for a while now and I probably wil get one soon, however the Boss EQ 20 was recently brought to my attention and it is a similar price and I was simply wondering is it any good.

I assume the sound quality from the MXR would be better generally as they are known for producing premium pedals. I did want to know if this is a huge gap in quality or barely anything to worry about.

I liked the idea with the Boss as it lets you preset EQs for different tones, i.e. OD and cleans etc.

Cheers guys.
The EQ-20 is a really cool pedal, mostly for the opportunity to save 2 EQ setups and switch between the two. AFAIK the sound quality is pretty good & since it's Boss it'll be built like a tank.
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I'm anti-boss and with good reason and I run with an mxr 10-band so I'm guessing you know where my vote is at. I will admit I haven't used the EQ-20 but the true bypass and durability of mxr have me convinced that it would be hard to find a better pedal-based eq.
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If you're wanting more tweakability than the MXR, you could get a 31-band rack EQ for about the same price.
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I researched diff EQ pedals and it seemed that the MXR was a better option from both reviews and forum posts. It's hard to say what sounded better on youtube... so many variables. I honestly don't know if it's true but a common response to the BOSS pedal was that it sucked tone. I may just be spreading propaganda, i rly dunno if it's accurate.
I also wanted to know whether it'd be okay putting it through a peavey vypyr. Just in past experiences moddeling amps dont exactly take well to any sort of pedal.
I have no experience with the 10-Band or the GE-20.

Be sure to check out MXR's 6-Band EQ out. Small, inexpensive, quiet and gets the job done.

I recently bought one and have been very impressed by it. My comparisons are with a GE-7 and an EHX Graphic Fuzz(you can use the EQ by itself).