So me nad two of my brothers are thinking of asking our parents for christmas.

It costs around 3500 NOK (approx. 700 $ USD).

Is it possible to hook this up with something like EZ drummer?
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Never tried that brand at all...I don't think we even get that brand in canada here... But from what I read, its a novice set, so would be good to start on, nothing spectacular. But I find 700$ for a noivce set a lil expesnive. Then again Ive never seen the brand to compare. It looks like it has MIDI out, should have anways today. So triggering external sounds shouldnt be a problem.

I know you can get a decent roland or alesis set for fairly cheap. Around that price, with more pieces included and a more well known brand name.

When you get more into it, you'll find yourself making your own kits. Mix and matches pieces to get something that suits your needs most. For exmaple I am partial to mesh head pads. That what I look for. I look for pieces with a more realistic feel. But everyone is different.
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Remember that everything is a bit more expensive in Norway, and that we earn a little more money.

Didn't find an american reseller, but they'd probably sold it for like 500 $ or something.
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