It's a MasterAlloy custom.
6061-T6 aluminium alloy body, chrome finished.
Carbon graphite neck.
Phase toggle switch.
Neck PAF and bridge Seymour Duncan ST2, tappable.
And there's only 1 in the universe!
If you're in the market for a guitar around the price of a '52 Tele Hot Rod up to a PRS with bird inlays, then why not consider something from the Alumisonic range cos it will cost similar even including custom options to your taste.

I second the above!!

And how heavy is it??

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How's the neck feeling?
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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']I need to hear this thing. I can't imagine an aluminum body sounding anything but tinny and hollow.

Alumimum is actually a very good resonating metal, oddly enough. They use it on some metal genera style drum sets. But I would think it would sound extremly bright.

We need clips!!

And congrats on the awesome futuristic looking tele.
Hello, thanks for the quick reponses.
The weight is average, similar to a chambered Les Paul.
It's technically a semi-hollow I guess. It has mahogany blocks in the middle otherwise it might feedback all over the place on high gain if it was totally hollow.
Yeah, the neck is really nice and smooth. If you're a shredder it would be ideal.
Having a neck and body not made of wood is good for dealing with temperature changes.

You just need to type Alumisonic into the search bar at YouTube .
At the bottom of the results is me
6061 T6? How many AR-15 rifles had to die for this guitar? hahaha.