When playing metal/metalcore/deathcore (flaming incoming) ... I have a hard time keeping the bass note from jsut overwhelming the entire tone with noise. Is there a setting I'm missing that would allow me to play a chugging riff with clarity on each of the notes? I play with really high gain -- which I know causes the extra noise -- but it's needed for the tone. Just while playing one of those riffs along the 2 lowest strings, the bassiest notes ring absolutely forever and the notes on the next string up wont ring out whatsoever. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to keep clarity in a highly distorted tone without losing the tone, but removing that shitty extra noise muddying everything up.


Perhaps this may be the wrong place to post this question, if so, a move would be appreciated
what is your current setup and settings?

my advice: re-EQ.... lower the gain a bit (especially if you have it dimed)...and some mids and treble (mainly mids)...you might need to lower your bass too...but I would try adding more mids first.
A compressor pedal, eq pedal, re-eqing your amp and I know a lot of people love down tuning for metal but too much can make you bassy no matter what if your guitar can't handle it.
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