hi guys aarrrr im so frustrated i so badly wanted some new pickups and my friend yet again talked me out of it so now im here trying to get back the fath lol.
i love playing heavy chunky bassy metal and some bluse to but love a big tone to a guitar. i love my 550 20th Anniversary to death it plays li8ke a dreem. BUT!!
i dont like the pickup sound really. i just want more you know??
i was goner go for some of the newish seymour dunkon SHPR -1-p rails cos i love the 3 options, more the better i say. but my friend says the stock pickups in my 550 are hotter than the seymour dunkons.
so what do you guys think???
anyone got a 550 20th and have changed there set up????
or any other pick ups you recomend for face melting metal!!
iv got a 100w marshall
boss gt8
and a jay tunser paul look a like
and my 550!!!!
please help!!!!