Hi, I was just wondering what I should do because right now I have a shitty Strat Replica from a £100 starter pack and I was planning on buying something better. I was looking at guitars for about £400 - £500 and was wondering if I bought one if I'd see any major sound difference...so baisically is it worth it? Here are some guitars I've been looking at, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which one is the best or suggest a different one in that price range:

1. Epiphone LP Standard Plus

2. Epiphone SG Custom EX (EMG-81/85)

3. Ibanez S470

4. Epiphone SG Custom GX Black Cherry Quilt with Dirty Fingers


P.S. I play mostly hard rock
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I'd say everyone of those would be a great improvement for you. But I'm a Strat guy so I don't know much about them. The Epi LPs are really nice for the price, and the S series Ibanezs are too, other than that I'm useless.
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Unless its electronic drums.

First, get a tube amp.
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What amp do you have?

You'll hardly notice ay difference in sound if you have a crappy starter amp.

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also change your amp that'll make a big difference as well, playing with a shitty amp and having a decent guitar is like polishing a turd
I can honestly say, i've never even hear of that amp before. We're gonna need a budget, favourite genres and whether you'll be gigging before we can make any suggestions.
Well, ok then

Budget for an amp = 200 - 300 pounds max
gigging? = no, only band rehersal (maybe gigging someday)
music i like = GnR, VH, Aerosmith, ACDC, motley crue, kiss...that sortof stuff