Hello Folks,

Im in the middle of negotiating either a Mexican Strat or a Tele Maple neck to try doing a re finish, was going to do either surf green or daphne blue body and all vintage hardware. the onlything i want to know is has anybody refinished a neck as i wanted to make thew maple neck look aged ie have a good orange/yellow tinge by using tinted laquer. so here are my questions for anybody willing to help.

1. How do i remove the frets to re finish the neck

2. what is the best way to remove the original logo ect and get the neck down to the bare wood

3. Im going to use a decal to get an authentic 50s looking guitar, at which point do i apply the decal?

if anyone can help i would be most greatful........has anyone got any links to a neck re fret thread or something similar??

Cheers Dudes
1. you shouldn't need to, you could just tape over the frets with masking tape (do a few layers) and then trim off the excess tape with an exacto knife.

2. sanding

3. before the clearcoat. you might want test it beforehand on a piece of scrap wood to make sure the clearcoat doesn't mess up the logo.
Cheers thats an interesting idea........would i not damage the frets by sanding the finish off the neck also would i just clear coat over the inlays as well??

has anybody tried and tested this method?