I'm looking to buy a versatile shred machine... and I'm torn between the Ibanez S series and the RG series.

How is the edge III compared to the ZR trem? Once I get my guitar I'll instantly put 11's on it and tune to C# standard, and really all you have to do is use the thumbroll on the ZR trem to adjust the tension and align the trem right? How much harder is this to do on an edge III?

I've also read that the ball bearings in the ZR are superior to the knife edges in the edge III...

I want the S for the trem system and how thin/light it is. But I want the RG for 24 frets, because it's neckthrough (depending on the model), and because I like most of the finishes I see on the RG more than the S... But overall it comes down to playability and how much of a hassle each guitar will be.

Could some of you shed some light on my conflict? I will go to GC soon and try out every guitar I can get my hands on, but I'd like some input.
From what I hear, the Edge III has nothing on the ZR. I've had experience with the edge III, it always felt kinda flimsy, build-wise, I don't know why, nothing I could really put my finger on. A friend had numerous problems with his though, as the blades wore out. The ZR is supposed to be very good.
ZR is a great trem. ALWAYS stays in in tune and is very sturdy. I prefer the S series over RG mainly because of the trem and body size/shape, and I would never use 24 frets.
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there`s nothing wrong with either trem only the peeps that don`t know how to set them up and maintain them......(i`m starting to sound like a broken record)

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they are both good , but to the guy above me yes it helps if you set it up right but the edge III has been known to go bad either way, The Zr will most likely hold its own were the Edge III will not, i had my edge III for about 4 years and after about year and a half or so it was basically dont with dive bombs and i didn't even do them much, i ended up having to block it to keep my guitar in tune,

The Edge III is really a hit and miss kind of tremolo, you may get a good one you may not just depends
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The ZR is a great tremolo system...but I like the RG-style guitars better than the S-series. That being said...the only thing that I've ever had go wrong on an Edge III is the knife edges wearing out rather quickly if you're a whammy bar abuser. With the wonderful thing called ebay...you can get an OFR replacement fairly cheap...and your guitar will be top notch again should the Edge III crap out on you.
the edge III is nothing compared to ZR.
Edge III - mediocre
ZR - great
Go Ibanez!