I have an Epiphone Les Paul and last year I replaced the pick ups with EMG 81/85. This took this guitar to a new level and i love the active pick ups. My question is this, are there other modifications I could make to get noticeable tone benefits for not too much money? I have heard replacing the nut and tuners helps. Is it worth the money or should I save for a better axe. What do you guys think?
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Since you already invested alot in it, might as well go all the way..
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Nut, bridge and tuners will be way less expensive than a whole new guitar, but it depends if you only want to slightly modify your tone or go for a whole new sound. If you don't, just change the current guitar. It'll save you a noticeable number of whatever money you use.
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Going by your profile, you're playing through a Marshall MG50. WHy you are using active pickups with that, I don't even know... it's not even remotely the right sort of amp to be used with active pickups. I... don't even know where to begin with that.

Anyway, as far as Epis go, there's no point changing the bridge or tuners because you can't improve them. This is the one thing Epiphones really excel at, their stock hardware is the best on the market: 18:1 Grovers (actual Grovers, not licensed copies like you get on LTD and Agile guitars) and LockTone bridges (better than Gibson use on LP Standards).

The nut can be worth changing but only if the existing one is really giving you trouble. If you don't notice anything wrong with it, no point in changing it. Putting in an aftermarket nut isn't going to magically make you play like a decades-experienced pro or give you your perfect tone, it's only worth doing if your current nut is really poorly cut and the strings are binding and going out of tune from it (which it doesn't sound like they are, otherwise you'd be in more of a hurry to fix that specifically).

Usually, the only things worth changing on an Epi are the electronics. But since you'll have already done that when you changed to active pickups, that's been and gone.
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Yea other than pickups theres not much tone wise that can be done to a epi LP.

Your best place for tone improvement would be a better amp than any of the MG series.