I'm nearly done with a re-build project. I'm to the point of needing to buy pots. My guitar is an LP with humbuckers.

I know I need to get 500k pots, but whats the difference between A-type and B-type pots?? I heard somewhere that B-type pots are for tone control. Whats the difference between the two, or will any 500k pot work as both volume and tone??
'A' has a logarithmic taper. 'b' has a linear taper. linear taper is good for looking at an indicator knob and seeing right where the pot is. so if you want a third of the rotation of a linear pot, you know to set the index to 3. logarithmic taper pots are diseigned to sound more linear to the human ear. they are used when you want a smooth-sounding transition.


Audio taper pots sound more natural for volume controls because our ears perceive volume logarithimically. For tone pots, I don't really have a preference. I've used both.
Yeah what they said. But to make a tone pots its a vol pot and a little thing that you need to soder to it to make it a tone.
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Wow, thanks for all the helpful tips guys! Real opinions are so much better than google searches
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