like to pretend im standing behind a curtain in my bedroom.............then i pretend to come out from behind it cue powerstance and rip into the riff "tie your mother down".
i once done that.....i done a test run with my door open, i came runnning through the door and just played a hard rockin riff thru the power and crunch of my stratocaster. I then went for the final take, however this time the door was closed and i went running straight into it......
i once tried a pear.....i loved that pear.....everytime i see a pear i weep a tear.....where for art thou pear!!!
i tried a powerslide (with guitar) along my landing once, it's carpeted so i failed and hit the ground face first

that was fun...
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
i tried to do the guitar swing thing with my bass and forgot that;
1) basses and longer then guitars
2) my ceiling is lower then most ceilings

Needless to say there's a beautiful dent in my bass and ceiling.