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ill explain its my birthday and then 6days later christmas, now ive played the same game for the last 2yrs and only asked for one thing as a joint present, however this has yet to work and this year ive done the same(well give them 2 options) all ive said is an Orange PPC212OB but if thats too much money then a Orange PPC112 and then ill get the amp with money from grandparents and pay day. however if i dont get one of these the amps is well out of my reach and id propably get a new guitar. which is where im stuck :

Epiphone firebird Studio (i cant try this guitar as none of the local dealers have them in and the only one that said they could get one in wanted me to pay 40% upfront) http://www.dv247.com/guitars/epiphone-f ... rry--53570
Squier Deryck Whibley Telecaster ( i can try this out a few local shops have it in and most have a normal Squier Telecaster) http://www.dv247.com/guitars/squier-der ... eck--41573

my current guitar is the cheap strat copy i got but ive put in a seymour duncan hotrails and a lil59. i play mostly punk and alt rock. id probaly want to change the pickups on the guitar i got to some seymour duncans. which would you recomend and what pickups (i really hope it doesnt have to come down to this )
Gear :
strat copy (SD Hotrails in bridge, Lil' 59 in Neck)
Orange Dual Terror
Orange PPC112
Pitchblack/SHO Clone/Morley PWA wah