Hey guys!

So, I bought this new Ibanez Acoustic (V72ECE-BK) (that's right, an Ibanez ).
I'm still a rookie when it comes to guitars, so I can't tell you exactly what gauge the strings are, but in any case they feel very hard to me, and I have a lot of trouble bending the notes.

I use 9/9.5 for my electric guitar, but can I just go ahead and change to lighter strings on an acoustic fitted with heavier strings? Will it require some extra saddle/truss rod adjustments or something else to keep action low and eliminate fret buzz?

Like I said, I couldn't tell you the exact gauge, but I would think they're around 11.
And in general, is fitting lighter strings on an acoustic "dumb" or frowned upon?

On a side note, when I try to bend the notes, it's like the strings "scratch" against the fret. Will this get better with time? I don't remember having this problem with my electrical.

Sorry for my silly questions, but I'm here to learn
I know a lot of guys who use lighter gauge acoustic strings, and there is not anything wrong with it, but your guitar will need some adjustments. This may result in a different sound from the guitar though.
we use extra lights on all but one of our guitars. half needed the action changed and half didn't when we switched. that being said, acoustics are a bit stiffer than electrics, and some strings of the same guarge are stiffer than others.

not quite sure what you mean by scratch - could be a normal thing, although i'm not aware of any scratching even when i play a guitar that's never been played before. could be the strings since the lower strings are thicker and may have thicker winding. could be the frets - after all, one of the things about ibanez is their hardware isn't as good as the competition.
I prefer a custom guage set of

D'Addario EJ19

with 11-15 for plain wound strings, this way I can do the bends very easily
but still have the tight top end for chording's, its all personal preference
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You may want to try a set of Martin medium lights - In my opinion, those are the best playing / sounding acoustic string.
I use D'Addario EJ16 or EXP16 (lights)
Gauges: 12-16-24-32-42-53

I wouldn't go much lower than lights though. You start losing an amount of volume and stuff from it. I always figured lights were a good place to be at if you can't handle it at mediums. I currently have mediums on mine right now and honestly can't tell much of a difference though. Its just slightly harder to push down and have it ring out perfectly and I get just a bit more volume.
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I'm actually okay with a slight loss in volume. I live in an apartment, and my guitar is currently a bit noisy
I realize there might be a loss of sustain as well, but I can live with that too (for now ). I bought some 11/50 and also some 10/48 just to test the lightest I could find out.
Thanks for all the help guys