Hi, I've had a bass for a year, playing a Vintage Modified Jazz Bass by Squire through a Fender Rumble 25w amp and I'm thinking of trying to score a pedal for christmas, either a fuzz, some type of digitalizing sound, or something to help fight off the volume peaks I get on certain notes.

Preferably not too expensive and over the top. Any pointers in the right direction would be good, thanks.
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Some sort of compression if you want to be sensible about it.

Digitech Whammy if you don't.
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Boss Synth bass pedal. (slapping sounds kickass when synth-like) Plus its overall fun to use. If you do any freestyle bass stuff it would be great for switcing on when you start to go wild with them bass notes
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My first pedal is the Boss ME50B its got alot of functions and effects i recommend that
A compressor or tuner would be a great sensible idea for a first pedal, but then again, they're not as fun, I'd say have a look into some older DOD stuff, they made afew nice fuzz/distortion pedals, aswell as alot of modulation & filters that are pretty good to my ears.
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My first pedal is the Boss ME50B its got alot of functions and effects i recommend that

This. I just got one used at guitar center for $150. If you can find one of theses somewhere on the internet you should go for it.
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Man a tuner, eq pedal, or compressor is probably going to be the best investment ou can make long term, but as stated before, none of those pedals are nearly as fun as something like wah-wah (get a bass specific one), fuzz (same as wah), or synth would be.

What are you looking for here man?
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well it depends, you need to consider if you want to equilibrate the signal of your bass you may want to consider a limiter enhancer or a compressor, both pedals can't be considered effects per se, if you want to throw a little noise in there you can always throw some distortion or fuzzes, the specific models depends on your taste and what are u playing, if you want to experiment with several effects like choruses, delay, flangers, even synths you may want to try a multi fx...
i would suggest a Boss DS1 (Distortion) and/or a Boss Bass Limiter Enhancer.

i go nowhere without one or the other.
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Yes. I was playing Fur Elise through a Boss Synth at my local music store. It's a good pedal if you like playing classical and want to wake up a sleeping audience.
I would suggest getting a cheap multi-effects pedal.
That way you'll not be getting incredible quality effects, but you'll have loads of options and you can see what you like. If you use the effect enough you can go buy the dedicated pedal.
my first pedal was the Digitech BP200, its super user friendly, there are some good effects on it stock, but theres also 40 empty slots to fill with your own custom effects. They run at basically any music shop for about $250 - $300 depending where you buy it. Highly recomended for the beginning user.