Hey guys, just thought I might try and ask these forums for some criticism and stuff on my band, because I mean, we're obviously not perfect and we don't have alot of money, and some of our recordings are pretty crappy, but bearing in mind that 5 of them were done in one day and 3 of them in another.

Also i would really appreciate some singing tips and guitar tips (you can tell how much i'm straining in some songs and my guitar playing on some songs - i'm lead - is AWFUL, i'll admit) and some general 'how to publicize your band and get noticed easier' tips because the real way we're not making any money and therefore not making good recordings because of the lack of time is because we spend all our time making and perfecting songs with not many gigs to go to.

Unless it's just the fact that we're all 16, so places don't let us in or the areas bad, i would really appreciate some help. And constructive criticism too please, don't just tell me i suck, i know that already, that's why i want to improve!

Anyway, here's the 'website':


For anyone who's taking a look btw, probably the best quality song and my favourite song is 'Scarlet'.
actually not that bad, some of the songs could use some work but scarlet isn't that bad at all
Yeah, alot of the songs on there were real rushes.

And the first 3 were done recently, and the quality is SO much worse. I really dislike them, but the band quite likes them. In my opinion Scarlet and In My Head are the only 2 songs that have really good quality.

But thanks for that, made me feel good!

Have you been in a recording studio? Just wondering, cos seriously, it's no fun trying to record 5 songs in 8 hours! =[

That should probably clean up why alot of the songs are lacking many things!

But for rush-jobs and pretty much 'skeletal' versions of our songs, does anyone think we're pretty good?

'Cos i really want this band to go somewhere, haha, i've got a silly teenage dream.