Is there any program that you can input an mp3 of a solo, and it will write out the notation for you??
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I think there's a plug in available for pro tools (along the same lines as autotune and melodyne evo) which can pick out seperate notes in a chord based on the notes' respective frequencies. Can't think of the name off the top of my head, but I'm assuming with enough patience you could get that to pick the notes out, then just put them in MIDI and use Pro Tools' score editor to build the notations...
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The latest edition of Sibelius, 6, has the ability to dictate notes from vocals. I don't know how well it work with guitar.
I think its called the human ear.
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I think its called the human ear.

This is the best suggestion. Stop relying on technology for your laziness.
Perfect Pitch.
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Sibelius is good, assuming your guitar is perfectly in tune. Otherwise it'll shove nasty accidentals all over the place.
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It'd be extremely difficult to notate all the nuances of guitar playing since every person will play the same solo slightly differently.

I know that some auto-tune programs will detect the incoming sound and display the pitches on a visual keyboard. You sing a middle C, the keyboard will show the middle C note being pressed down during the duration of how long you sung it. Sing a scale, it'll show the scale (rounded to some nearest cents) being played in the exact tempo you sang, on the visual keyboard. If you've got great visual memory, you can just memorize the patterns and notate them yourself.