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I'm wondering if it's worth buying pedals anymore. I mean isn't it just cheaper overall to buy a multieffect kind of thing like a Boss GT or a Line 6 Pod.
Is the sound of pedals better?

If you think pedals are the way to go, what distortion pedal do you recommend for someone who plays mostly Metallica and Paul Gilbert shreds. Otherwise what multieffect do you recommend?

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Budget? Amp model?

Actually, I'd recommend that you buy an amp that sounds good rather than a pedal to make a bad amp sound a little better...


One of the main advantages of buying individual pedals over a multi fx unit is that you can choose the sound you like best...you may not like the flanger or chorus, etc. on the multi fx...but if you buy individual pedals, you can play a ton of pedals and choose what one fits you best.
Well, I'm actually building my own tube amp at the moment, and it won't be finnished for a while, and I want something that I can wish for christmas
So what dist pedals are good for both riffing like metallica and shredding like paul gilbert?
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radial hot british

blackstar distx

keeley twilight zone

...as usual.

ans stay from anything that has "metal" in the name
^Not true the Hardwire Metal is a real nice pedal.
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Plenty of Pedals.
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radial hot british

blackstar distx

keeley twilight zone

...as usual.

keeley twilight zone = Boss MT2?
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^Not true the Hardwire Metal is a real nice pedal.

+1 to that, I'm thinking of buying that pedal. Tried it in the shop and it's amazing.
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I'm building a Firefly amp if you know which one that is.

And "keeley twilight zone" is that a Boss MT2 pedal?
I searched for "keeley twilight zone" in music stores and found nothing, I googled it and found stuff about the MT2.
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^Not true the Hardwire Metal is a real nice pedal.

Yep, that's exactly what I was coming in here to recommend.
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+1 on the hardwire and keeley mod. You can get an mt-2 for 30ish on ebay and keeley will mod it for 75.

The radial and blackstar already recommended are great pedals but will cost you more..

Who's keeley? And will it be that cheap for me who lives in sweden?
Modtone Extreme Metal. Go check Youtube, you'll be surprised. Plus, its 75USD. That's it.
Barber Dirty Bomb, 100USD.
Menatone None More Black if you're damn rich.
Keeley and Hardwire sound kinda meh IMO.
not really a fan of the hardwire... infact i hate that damn thing. dirty bomb is pretty good, but there's several i'd take over it including the twilight zone, and tbh, i couldn't stand the mod tone. they usually make some decent stuff, but the extreme metal just sounded like a slight step up from an uber metal.