For the last couple years now i've just been messing around wiht my old guitar, i painted the headstock, did some etchings in the paint, and started to carve out some interesting shapes out if the paint and into the wood. I'm not terribly concerned about affecting the sound, although at some point i may stick some decent pickups in it.

I'm going to upload some pictures shortly, but at the moment im cleaning up the neck, the fretbaord was unbelievably grimey, literally there was a layer of stuff which im going through the nice task of cutting through and cleaning up. The grain of the wood is quite nice, i was wondering if there was any way to bring it out a bit more without ruining the playability of the fretboard? On top of that, the back of the neck is feeling kinda sticky, is there anyway i can make it smoother without destroying it? Thought id ask somewhere more professional than the pit !


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If you don't want to have to refinish the neck...I would go with a cleaner of some kind. Theres this stuff called gum-out or something that I've used to clean up grime and stickiness off wood...just don't use too much of it or it'll ruin the finish. If you plan to refinish...you could sand it down and start from scratch.

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I would also attempt a cleaner first. Sanding and refinishing is a pain
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