First of all, sorry if there is a thread about this somewhere. I tried to look but couldn't find anything.

I don't know a lot about pedals. I've played guitar for a while, but never needed pedals as I haven't been in a band until now. I need a pedal that will boost my solos louder than the rest of the song.

For example, with the song One by Metallica, when I start my tapping it's rather dull and lifeless compared to the stuff before and under it.

I've seen overdrive pedals around but don't know if they do what I'm looking for or not. I know it's a basic question, but if anyone could help it'd be great. Thanks!
Get a fender volume pedal.
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It costs like ten dollars a gram
MXR micro amp
or if you wanna spend less
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EQ pedal + clean boost.
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Note that a volume pedal won't give you more volume, it'll only allow you to lower your volume.
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EQ pedal with a level control.
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yes ...i use my eq pedal for that. If you have a tube amp already cranking and you boost it with just the level control you'll get a bit more drive as well. Might work for you
I've seen a bunch of people do that with a Digitech Bad Monkey. Just turn the drive all the way down and adjust the volume, and there's your clean boost.
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my budget is as cheap as possible for now.

I thought about the bad monkey, but wasn't sure this was what I was looking for. Basically I just want to boost my volume for soloing. So Alex Vic has mentioned a bad monkey, and the other general opinion seems to go towards an equalizer?

which type of pedal would be cheaper? Does an eq have any other perks that would make it better than a bad monkey?