Some sort of Teisco, I believe.
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Nahh I dno. Its a video of a band called Airship

That name brings good memories back.
5th Fret anyone?

Anyway, I'd say a Teisco of some sort.
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There's a 4 pickup version of that guitar in my old school. It's definitely a Fender, dunno models though
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I don't think that's a fender.

It looks like a Hofner 172 or a Hagstrom III, but it isn't either of those.

EDIT: It's an early 60's Hofner, called either a "Super" or a "Colorama"

They've made a lot of guitars called "Colorama" so it's hard to find this exact one. I'm not even sure if that's it's name.
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Fender Mustang, maybe? that or a jaguar..

Why is it that people choose to say things when they have no idea?
A five second Google search could have shown you that the guitar in question is most certainly not either of those (nor is it any Fender, by the way).

EDIT: Ignore my last comment (in parentheses). I didn't notice that the mystery had been solved.
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