The SVT-5 PRO ($1469.00 list) is the latest offering from Ampeg in the Pro-Series line of bass amplification geared towards the rock and funk bass player. The SVT-5 PRO features two separate channels, clean and overdrive, giving the user the ability to switch from channel to channel, or combine the two channels via the four button footswitch. A 12AX7 tube located at the input stage of the preamp, adds warmth and fullness to the input signal enhancing the overall tone of the amplifier. Two separate power amplifiers are contained within the SVT-5 PRO, delivering 600 watts in stereo or a massive 1350 watts in the mono-bridged mode. The tone shaping possibilities the SVT-5 PRO offers are very extensive with features such as, a built-in compressor, variable midrange selector control, and an octave circuit that adds a note one octave lower to the note being played.

Hey guys.

I have an Ampeg SVT 5 Pro, i figure i would prefer to have a Graphic EQ/more eq options as i need to be able to tweak and tweak!

The SVT 5 Pro uses an overdrive channel in the space of a Graphic EQ. You can mix the two channels together to create your own grindy tones.

The SVT 5 PRO will come with a ultra heavy duty Amptown flight case.

Part exchangewise I am also looking for Ampeg Pre-amps such as the SVP or CL with cash my way.

It is too heavy to post.

Anyway not desperate to move on at the moment as i am pretty happy. Just wondered if anything was out their!

£500 cash FIRM Photos on request. (£475 without flightcase) Pickup from Bristol ONLY.

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