is it really a beginners bass, i think it would be a good quality bass. is it worth the money ? im just thinking about getting one Ive played for about 4 years
The lower priced one is most certainly a beginners-type bass. Flea's whole idea was to get more kids interested in bass, so they are certainly aimed at beginners. Having said that, I've never tried out the more expensive model, and it may well be worth a look. I don't know where you'd get the chance to try one out though, because I've never seen one in any store.
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I think there was a thread about these a while ago. May I recommend the searchbar?
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Searchbar, there's been at least one thread on this already.

To directly answer your question, quality-wise, they're a touch above what you would get in a standard beginner bass, Flea's aim was to provide good, simple, quality basses at a reasonably affordable price. Tbh you'd probably be better off looking elsewhere, while they're not bad, I certainly don't see any reason that justifies the price on them.
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I tried the Flea Bass not long ago. It was a perfectly serviceable bass, but nothing to write home about. Of course, that is exactly what it is supposed to be: a solid instrument for not too much money. I'll be interested to see if Flea actually plays the thing in concert.
i will say they do come really well set up from the factory, and would be a pretty good beginner/kids bass, but the price is pretty mental for something that doesn't exactly look like a real instrument. i tried one or two out, and there is a much better bass for the beginner player, at a lower price, IMO.
I'm looking at them, and I feel like if I bought one of those suckers for $499, i'd be the laughing stock of any group of musicians.

They look completely basic. Not saying your bass needs to be loud and out there, but it's just not an attractive instrument.
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The idea is solid and most of the under 13 set at the studio love the look of the flea bass. But as said by others in this thread, the price point is a bit high for that target group. If one of my kids showed an interest, I'd put the money towards something they could grow into down the road.
For 500 bucks, MIM Fender's and Ibanez ATK's win every time.

Unless they cheapen it up a bit, and start selling them for like 300 bucks (or only keeping making the black one ), I don't think it's going to be around for too long.

EDIT: They're website has some pretty bizarre music, it's a wierd loop of random synthesised noised and a bass with an envelope filter.
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