Ive just started to learn the guitar over the last couple of days. I`m starting off easy by learning tabs and chords and today had got nearly half of the God Father Theme and The easy beginning of Come As You are.

The only problem I have is getting the right sound out of the guitar on certain tabs/songs.

Is there any where that tells you how to set the sound/amp up for each tune your playing...

Maybe its coz im new and cant yet get the sound out of the guitar and its got nothing to do with the Amp
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yeah, there is, but at this point play it clean.

Concentrate on your technique first - learn your open chords, some basic scales, and strumming patterns.
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are you in tune?
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well, TS, you're partly right-b/c you're just starting out, it's gonna be hard for you to figure the settings out for yourself for each song. what kinda amp you using?

for the most part, assuming your in tune, even songs with tons of distortion should sound fairly similar on a clean setting. if you're playing some super hi gain metal stuff, then obviously it'll sound a lot better with a lot of distortion, but it IS important to be able to play clearly as opposed to just hiding your undeveloped talent with gobs of gain.

have fun playing some songs that you like that aren't too difficult to learn yet, but at the same time, START ON CHORDS AND STRUMMING AS WELL. i made the mistake of brushing off proper chords and strumming early on, and suffered big time b/c of it for my first couple of years of playing. you want to be able to play open chords fairly easy within a couple of months or so, and eventually get to power chords and from there, barre chords aren't too much more difficult.

heed my warning bro...if you decide to brush off developing your chords and strumming and keeping a constant tempo or staying in time with a beat, you'll spend a year or two re-adjusting your technique to make up for the year or two of sloppy playing technique...happens to the best of us, but for people like me who see it as more of a passion than a hobby (even if i NEVER get to have my own official band playing in front of a thousand people or more), we always find a way to overcome our past mistakes.

hope it was inspirational...i cued someone to play Chariots of Fire in the background when i began my speech but i dunno if you heard it
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When i mean sound your right as in the sound of how it should sound, getting the right settings for Mid, bas, treble etc etc for the song i`m trying to learn.

Some people said its just a case of mesing around with the amp and getting the right sound for you but ive spent hours trying different settings and still doesnt sound any where close to how some people sound on you tube vids.

I love GnRs so my first tune im learing is the God Father Theme but im just not getting the right sound out of the amp..that high "distortion" type of sound what you get from guns & roses.

To try and make it easier if you check this guy out and how it sounds around the time of 0.40, that whole, i guess?...distortion sound?

Well, you're not going to be able to get a GnR sound out of that amp - nor any other band. Really though, at this point you should be taking everybody's advice and start with simple chords and strumming patterns.
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