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When I'm playing my guitar, my hands will get really sticky. I don't know why, but it makes it hard to slide my fingers across the strings, and makes a horrible squealing noise when I do, and it's hard to move my thumb on the neck. So it slows me down a lot, and makes it irritating to play...

Okay, so I always wash my hands before I practice, and I usually practice in my room, which in the winter varies from 40-60 degrees. (Damn non-insulated basement...) I've tried a lot of things to stop it, such as talcum powder, (baby powder,) different soap, lotion, stuff like that. It is my hands, because it doesn't matter whos guitar I'm playing.

So the million-dollar question is: how do I keep my hands from sticking and becoming hard to move? I'm hoping that there's people here who have had the same problem, who could help me out.

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Finger Ease. They sell it at guitar center. Your spray it on the strings, frets, and neck. Problem solved
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Quote by Killswitch94
Finger Ease. They sell it at guitar center. Your spray it on the strings, frets, and neck. Problem solved

Hmm... I'll check this out.
You shouldnt need any additives to play guitar. Some people dont like glossy necks because they say its stickier than a satin finish. I have natural, satin and glossy necks and dont feel a difference between them. Its probably gonna be a technique thing you need to relax more. Some play with their palm against the back of the neck thumb over top others its just their thumb on the back of the neck. Put some work into it and try different things to see if things improve.
Be careful when using "Finger Ease" it is very easy to over shoot
the note you are seeking to hit, it will take some time but you
will get use to it.

I never had a problem using Rem oil gun cleaner
to clean my strings which has thin Teflon oil
I then use Dunlop 65 String Cleaner then wipe
dry and it is easy to hit the notes

To me both ways work, however Im not sure how it will work for "YOU"
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