Im wondering if anyone knows any info about Carvin's.

Its a Carvin MTS 3200 Master Tube Series 50th Anniversary Edition Head and a Carvin 412 cab.

I found one for sale for $400, slightly used, and im wondering if its a good deal? Are they nice? loud? dependable? Good for playing shows?
What kind of sound/distortion do they put out?

Anything i should be suspicious about trying it out? i dont know if it even works.

Any info is appreciated, thanks
Any valve halfstack for $400 seems to good to be true, but who knows - go try it out with your guitar, preferrably at a time you can crank it. Then you'll know exactly.
My cousin has one (the combo version though). That is a GREAT price for the half-stack since the head alone was $650 if I recall correctly. Anyway, they are loud as hell and have a good OD channel (can go from crunch to br00talz). The clean channel is also pretty good, but the OD was always more impressive to me.

Definitely go for this half-stack if you got the cash. You won't be disappointed. Just be sure to make sure it works before though.
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Quote by mogar
Just be sure to make sure it works before though.


Be prepared to walk away at the slightest hiccup or excuse from the owner ("Oh, don't worry man, that's just a preamp tube fading a little... ).

Unless you're really confident inside amps, this will cost an arm and a leg to service.
I made the mistake of opening one up once, I will never do it again.

Doom & gloom aside, they ARE very solid, workhorse, serious amps, and great for the money.

I'm not a fan of the brootz, but it certainly had a punchy, if a little flat clean, and a nice thick OD. Not grindy, not too complex, just solid push without too much mud.
(this was a mid 90's Master Tube something-or-other)

I think of Carvin as like the Buick of amps.

$400 with cab is a freakin' STEAL, though...