I need like a 3 hour practice schedule for weekdays, and a 5 hour practice schedule for weekends but I don't really know where start other than using time for learning songs and warm-up exercises.
A warm-up, focusing on getting your hands co-ordinated
Learn an easy song/jazz instrumental
Find the right scales to improv over it
Go through a technique exercise using the scales
Record yourself improvising over the track
Listen back and see how good your technique was (timing, tuning, tone, taste and technique)
Improve as best you can and have another go at recording a solo
See if you've made any improvements, maybe write something down
Take a rest
Ear training: identifying intervals, chord progressions and transcribing a piece by ear
Start or continue learning a difficult piece a la the 21 day program (practise the piece at a tempo where you can play it perfectly, for 21 days straight)

See about getting a gig, maybe an open mic night spot, to eventually perform the piece you learn