hey does anyone know where i can find someone or a company that makes amp masks? or however they are referred to? the banners that some bands use on both sides of the stage on the plastic tubing. Im looking to get one but can't find any sites that are doing exactly that.

Any pictures to help explain or anything?

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Go to a printing shop or find one online.
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Like this right?:

Yeah I have no clue but that should help the people that don't know what you're talking about.
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yeah yeah like that. i want to find that type because the ones that need to be hanged are tough do do so in smaller clubs without taping them to the wall which seems pointless
Our band actually has a banner kind of like that. A lady in town drew our logo with some cheap cloth paint. Up close it looks "cheap," but from the crowd it looks awesome. We're working on rigging up a stand for it, but right now, we just hang it on tacks.
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its not to cover the amp, i would like the amp to show its just for a visual but thanks for the advice champ. real good.