I currently use DR highbeams 9-42's and am looking to get a higher guage strings. I like DR's but am open to suggestions of new brands of strings. I am looking at Elixir Polyweb Electric Light Electric Guitar Strings as a possibility. I play a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and play all kinds of music so I need rele good cleans and also a punchy side to the string for classic rock/metal.

I also am wondering, if i increase in guage, do I HAVE to go and get the guitar professionally set up? I can do basic things myself, bridge and saddle adjustments, pickup adjustments if possible, things like that.

Strings are a personal choice. hell, Page use to use to use a banjo string for his high e.

as for the setup, do you know how to adjust a truss rod? Higher gauge strings will pull the neck back a little bit, raising the action. other thing is you may have to file the saddle/nut for the gauge, but that's generally not a problem with going up a gauge, it's usually when you go down a gauge and you have saddle/nut vibrations.
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You should be able to adjust things on your own if you know what your doing. I took strings off my Rhoads a little while ago and replaced them with heavier gauge strings and didm't have to change nothing except the floyd and the action. But since you are going up you should be fine.
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