I'm very close to deciding on an Ibanez guitar purchase but i'm looking at the Prestige S series and I'm seeing the Red Viking and the Red Optimus and there are some other models. Basically I'm also heavily considering 2 JEM guitars the JEM7V or the JEM77V. The pickups are different and obviously I'm trying to find out how that factors into its overall sound.

One of the differences i would like some help with is on the tremelo systems and the pickups. The Prestige has ball bearings and the system is by the designation: ZR2 bridge w/ZPS3. I have not played that type of tremelo before leaving me wondering how much extra it would cost and how that compares to that Edge-PRO lions claw that the JEM is using as they both seem different from my Double locking Tremelo. I'm unsure if the bridge would have much of an impact on my playing but I know the sound from the pickups will.

As for the pickups, the JEM7V has a hotter pickup setup from neck to bridge DiMarzio® Evolution® DP158, DiMarzio® Evolution® DPS1, and the DiMarzio® Evolution® DP159, while the JEM77V has DiMarzio Breed pickups in all spots.
One of the Prestige S-Series I'm looking at, the Red Viking is using a pickup setup from neck to bridge, Hot Grinder 1, Short Tracer, and Hot Grinder 2. Also they are using different magnet materials it seems.

I play a wide mix of rock, blues, classical, but its mostly rock, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai. I am not sure which would fit that style best and be a very fun and versatile quality setup, and as well I'm unsure as to how all of these different pickup variations compare. If someone could clarify this for me I'd really appreciate it.

To whomever responds if you have the ballpark pricing on the models I'm looking at that would be beneficial or if you have some suggestions for a different brand/model that won't murder the bank that would be cool. I haven't looked around Austin to see what they are going for yet but i do remember playing a green JEM and a Rainbow about 13-15 years ago and it was around $1,500.00 or so and i wonder if the pricing has changed or how its prices compare to the Prestige S class models.

Anyways ty for reading the long post and take care.
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