Hello! I want to start learning guitar, but I have no idea what guitar I should start with. I have absolutely no experience with guitars, but I do play piano so I do have some knowledge of notes and chords. After doing some research, I've decided that an electric acoustic guitar is the most suited to what I'm going to use it for. I plan on using the non-electric acoustic sound of the guitar more than using it with an amp. I have a lot of friends that play instruments as well, and they've been wanting to do covers, so I probably will require an electric acoustic guitar sometime in the future. From looking around the net and the these forums, I've found that Seagull guitars are EXTREMELY good. They have great sound and last long and considered very cheap for their quality. The guitar I have in mind is the Seagull S6 Original Q1 Acoustic-Electric Guitar (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seagull-S6-AcousticElectric Guitar?sku=512121), but the guitar is a bit pricey for my first guitar ever. The non-electric version of the same guitar is considerably cheaper (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seagull-The-Original-S6-Acoustic-Guitar-104069091-i1147556.gc?CJAID=10449560&CJPID=1759905), but then I would probably have to have the electronic aspect of it put in later. I was wondering what your opinions are. If you have any other guitars in mind, please state. Also, I have no idea what else I would need if I were to get a guitar, so if you could, can you also tell me what beginners usually need to get on their way? Thanks, and sorry the post is so long. ><
i'd recommend you get the non electric version of the original s6. it's a great guitar, and you can always buy a soundhole pickup or a simple to install version later.
You have to get to a store where you can pick up the instrument and see how it feels in your hands. One has to be comfortable and you won't know that until you pick up the guitar.
IMHO spending 300 -400 range for a starter acoustic is a win win situation. They are plenty good enough that you're not going to want something better right away if you follow thru with playing and if you want to sell later on you won't lose that much on a well cared for instrument
I have to agree with hunter, if possible you'll want to hold the guitar and strum it and see how it feels. There are lots of different thicknesses in guitar necks and even the shape of the back of the neck can be a classic "V" shape or a rounded shape. Some just feel better in your hands then others do. Since you're just getting started I wouldn't break the bank. I started on $250 acoustic guitar that served the purpose well for learning with - in fact I still occasionally play on that guitar even today. If money isn't an issue then go for the electric acoustic - but you can always add a pickup to a non-electric acoustic guitar if you decide to do so later. They're really easy to install (you can do it yourself) and sound great.. especially if you go with a good brand like a Fishman. The reality is, if you progress and continue to be passionate about guitar, you're going to want a much better instrument eventually anyway, in fact you'll want lots of them So if I were you I'd start with a decent sounding Yamaha, Fender, or Oscar Schmidt acoustic.
Thanks for all the responses! I think I'll head over to a store when I have a chance and consider all your advice when I have actually had a feel for all the guitars. Thanks for all the suggestions!