Hey guys, I was wondering if someone can TAB the vocal/lead part of this song. I got some parts down but I can't play the song in order/proper way. (I know how to play the normal chords and the new chords I learned from this video (I cant do the accoustic version yet cause thats a bit hard))

This guy has the lesson but he doesnt show you how to play the part Im looking for (its in the bottom left cornor)

Thanks guys (It seems pretty easy cause I just tabbed a bit of it in 3 min but I'm still new to tabbing and really want to get it right) Thanks again

I'm not going to take the time to tab this cuz it's easy to learn it from the video, but FYI it would be REALLY helpful, if you want to get a response, to say in the title and at the very least in the post that the song is With Or Without You
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yeah, you should be able to pick it up from the video. if i can find some time i might tab it out.