just felt like sharin', first submission here, it's a song i wrote last summer, one of my favorites of all the ones i play with my band

Javey Bek

The world turns white as I'm blinking
I couldn't notice
Your smile disappears as we're fading
I couldn't promise
My angel flew so far away
I couldn't shut this
And then she disappeared
I couldn't survive this

You were the light before we met
You craved affliction when we stared
You were my closest narration
The soundtrack of my stop-motion

An explosion...
An emotion...
A celebration...
My imagination...

But it's just the end of our world
I'll see you again to the core
And I'll preach so you adore
The memories that we ignored

When they were not just memories...

And then, I left
I never noticed
And then, I slept
I never promised
You cut open my brains
I never shut this
And then you left
I never survived this

And I'm breathing, and I'm screaming
Until I'll know you're never coming back