Hi, I know a lot of people are probably sick of answering Strat v Tele questions, but I have quite a specific one that I havent found a clear answer for through Google, so please answer if you can.

Which of the two has a deeper sound? I know that's not normally what people look for in Fender guitars, but I have my reasons. So forget the twang and the quack and whatever else. Assuming everything else is a constant - amp, and volume and tone settings, and string gauge, and using the neck pickup: which makes the deeper, boomier sound? Like, closer to a semi-hollow's sound. I know that neither sounds close to a semi-hollow, but which one is just that little bit closer than the other? Like I said, i have my reasons.

Neither truely do. the stratocaster seems to output more bass because it has more electronic inputs in it.

Meaning its bleeds of the highs, thus appearing deeper sounding
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I think that the Tele sounds a bit more boomy, depending on the pickups in it and amp played with, I suppose. I've heard some real boomy strats too. It depends on a lot about the amp you're playing through and pickups.
my telecaster's neck position can definitely get pretty damn boomy.
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