I'll admit it: I have a weakness for the psychedelic. I love to both listen to and play guitar that takes you out into the ozone. Hendrix, Airplane, My Bloody Valentine. I've been able to come up with some pretty wild effects with my Strat, a Digitech RP50, a Boss digital delay, flanger, and blues overdrive (the BD-2), and a Dunlop Crybaby wah, but I wondered if folks had suggestions for effects, rigs, set-ups, or techniques that'll take you one step...beyond.


Line 6 M9 it up.

Enough stuff to keep you making blippity-bloopity crashing-jetfighter-on-cocaine noises for weeks.
I had no idea there was a "Mindbender" pedal--that's kind of amusing. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tips. For the record, I've created some intriguing effects with my Strat by adding slight overdrive with the Boss Blues Driver, setting the rate high on the flanger for a bit of shimmer, then setting the delay at 300 ms with feedback at, say, 65%, then running that through an AC30 with settings scooped. Full tones but still kind of ghostly. -- S
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It's a Chous/Vibrato pedal. I really liked it, but it was a bit too much and I would never use the Vibrato.

such a nice pedal. Bbe makes some really solid stuff.
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Will preamp tubes turn black and melt slightly undernormal conditions and still work?