So I posted this with no vocals and very rough mixing last night looking for feedback on the structure and tones and everyone seemed pretty pleased with it. I added some ambiance reverb, and death, clean and hc vocals in the second (heavier) part of the song today, if you're interested check it out and lemme know what you think (the name is changed from just "Paths" to reflect the lyrics". As with the first one, I KNOW this is really long and I wont care if you dont listen to the entire thing, the song changes drastically around 4:00 though so if you havent heard it be sure to listen to some of both parts.

On my profile,
"Paths of Specters"

C4C as always, just make sure to link me to whatever you want crit on.
ok, i actually listened to the whole thing, guitar is awesome, very nice tone. and the bass is amazing, and the drums always seem to do the right thing at the right time. first half is great, and the distored guitar underneath is also great. and then when when it gets heavier, i really liked that, it really changes the song yet still keeps it going, and the vocals could be abit louder, not the growls maybe, cuz im not really into that, but the clean singing sounds great. and the clean vocals and growls together also really work. only problem is the transition from the heavier part back to the first part, the growl continuing after the music stops was great, but when it all came back, it just didnt fit, for that second. and its abit long, but i dont really mind cuz i really like it, but most people probably couldnt sit through it. overall, awesome
c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1241858
I like this a lot. It's really well mixed and well-written, and the guitar has a great tone. The opening parts kind of reminded me of Rosetta and ISIS. I liked the out of tune notes that show up occasionally. Overall it got kind of hypnotic, which is the effect that I think you were going for. The distorted bass and the clean leads work really well together, and I like how it keeps the same forward-moving pace without getting boring.

What did you use for the drums? They sound really nice, punchy, and full.
Glad you liked this, Im actually a fan of Rosetta so if it reminds you of them thats awesome. I used Izotope iDrum for the drums and put some fast compression on them
Damn dude......that's one hell of a long song! You know, it's difficult to keep a listener interested during such a long piece, but you did a great job in developing various themes to keep things interesting. Good job on that! The only thing I think was lacking was the vocals.....it's so far in the background...you can't understand what's being said.
Nice job...........

Rock on!
really liked the epic feel of it, through the whole piece it never sounds "small".

in my ears, the distortion guitar and the vocals need improoving (not in playing, in mixing) the dist guitar is way to thin and the vocals are too mixed back (i dont know if its intended, with the vocals maybe)

but otherwise i liked it, maybe a sound refurbish of the whole thing and it will shine in new glory!
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Quote by Will Terhart
I used Izotope iDrum for the drums and put some fast compression on them

Can you use that program to read from MIDI?
Ok theres a new mix of this up on my profile where the vox are alot clearer and a little louder; check it out if youd like.
i like your clean tone its not too high on attack or anything
was that dissonance at 1:14 intentional? i like it.
when that distortion kicked in around 4:13 it was sweet. huge tone its good.
style kind of reminds me of tool, and slightly opeth cause of the growls.
good sh*t man, good sh*t
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Hey, thanks for the crit.

I really like your music, it builds up a lot of tension. The intro to this was great, the melodies were very interesting to listen to. I feel that it could do with a little more reverb at 1:40 ish, it sounded a bit empty and thin.

I like the way the song progresses, adding more layers as it goes on. The distorted tone is lovely, very enveloping and full. One thing I heard is that sometimes the transition between riffs is a bit jerky (4:48 for example), which does slightly break up the atmosphere the whole song creates.

I'm liking your vocal stuff a lot, both on this and Dionysian Retribution, it gives the whole song an ominous feel.

All in all good stuff
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