i wanted to know if there are any rules when it comes to using more than one eq
im using the eq on my distortion pedal, eq pedal, and multieffects p.
i play with emgs and play metal
i usually cut mids so how do i set it up to get the best sound?
You could use as many EQs as you want in your chain, but I don't see any point unless you're putting them in the loop of a pedal...
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each band on an eq pedal boosts or cuts those bands in db's. so if u cut a certain band by -5 dbs on 2 eq pedals, ur just cutting that band -10 in total. but usually one pedal will do the trick, unless like stated, u want one before and after a certain pedal, or one in the chain and one in the loop.

u also answered ur own question. u like to cut mids, so lower the middle bands and raise the bass/treble bands and tweak tweak tweak.
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If they are different EQ's then yes, but if you use the same model twice it'll still only affect the same bands. If they have different bands than each other it'll work fine.
I'm using 17 forms of EQ from pick to speakers (though not all simultaneously), and they each serve their purpose feeding the next piece in the chain, but in reality, I'm only using one EQ. So is everyone else. EQ is cumulative.