what are some sites that help musicians find other musicians in their area

ive been looking for people to start a band in my area but i only know of craigslist
There's a lot of that going on here, bro.
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This awesome place called ultimate-guitar.com. Haha no but really musician ads forum. Other than that I guess just lurk around local music stores. idk. I just got lucky that 2 of my best friends drum and another really good friend plays bass. And we all have similar tastes in music. if your in school you could post ads on doors/walls with administrator permission. And in a small city post stuff on store walls and doors and street poles. Only works in small towns though
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Only works in small towns though

Nah, you can do this in big cities too. Go to your local music store and put up signs there that include how far you're willing to travel and where about you are.

If you live in the inner city it's much easier!

Serioulsy you have to just through several hoops to even get a registration, and good luck trying to actually post urself on there. 2 weeks later and yay im introduced on there, meaning, **** all really. they block you if u say "looking for ..." in your introduction too.

so yeh steer clear of that. best way to find local peeps is your music shops, guaranteed they have a wall covered in musician adverts, or u can ask the clerk to post one yourself.
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You can either get a free profile or a paid one. A paid one lets you communicate with other members. If you don't get a paid one, the only way you can contact someone else is if they have their email address listed in their profile. Likewise, you should put your email in yours if you want people who don't want to pay to contact you.

I have a free account there but nothing's ever come from it